20 years in the blacksmith’s business.


The beauty, quality, professionalism and velocity are four component parts of the ideal manufactured article made by us.


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About Us

The Studio of Artificial Forging Maksymenko was founded in 1998 by Vladislav y Yana Maksymenko. The development of the Studio started with the welding and assembling activity. From the very beginning the enterprise was known for its impeachable work and the individual approach toward each client. Our Enterprise overcame the track from the little workshop to the perfect blacksmith industry completed with the professional equipment and instruments.

Today our Enterprise is thinking about the faultless work that means not only the usage of the new unusual solutions, but the fusion of ancient technologies of the artistic metal forging and modern possibilities for their implementation, as well.

For the period of our activity we have elaborated and produced more than two thousand projects and articles.


The artistic metal forging is a handicraft providing our articles with the artistic values, making them to become true work of art. In other words the artistic metal forging is the art when the simple piece of metal becomes the exclusive artistic form thanks to the individual design.

We make:
  • forged gates
  • wicket gates
  • fences and grating
  • signboards
  • peaks
  • swing
  • summer houses
  • weathercocks
  • fireguards
  • forged stairs and banisters
  • chandeliers
  • candlesticks
  • forged beds, tables and chairs

The directions of our activity

The following kinds of work and services are fulfilled by the Studio of artistic forging Maksymenko


Forged articles for the interior of the home and landscape

Every home owner, when planning his dwelling, things over some forged goods, that underline its safety and finishing. Forged gates, gratings, railings, all of them can decorate the dwelling making him look respectable. And the relax zone is impossible without forged banks, swing, barbeque garden lamps and supports for flowers. Your dwelling will be comfortable and hot if your fireplace is decorated with the fenders and side by side stand a set of furniture, a forged table and a candlestick over it.


The works of welding and assembling

The welding and assembling are the obligatory parts of the technological process in all spheres of construction, repair and maintenance, being the quality of welding and assembling the main factor to provide the durability, security and firmness of the whole construction. We are ready to perform for you the works of welding and assembling of any kind of complication with the best result.


Technology of forging

The forging is an elaboration of the hot metal by pressure in order to give the metal a desired form. The person, dedicated to the forging is called hammer smith or blacksmith.

The forging is realized when the metal has a forging temperature, that raises metal plasticity and reduces the deformation resistance. The range of temperature during forging depends of chemical composition of the working metal, its structure and kind of the operation.

The process of the artistic forging is made in the forge or smithy where forge and anvil are situated.


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